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STANDARD PATENT SEARCH                           $500.00     
     *Provisional Patent Government Fees:
      Micro-Entity: $70.00          Small-Entity $140.00


Our Fees - includes all drawings and forms necessary to file your application
Simple Application       $4000.00
Complex Applications   $5000.00 to $6000.00
      *Utility Patent Government Fees:
       Micro-Entity: $430.00     Small-Entity   $785.00        

If we prepared and filed your provisional application for you, we will credit one-half of the provisional fee towards your utility patent application.  Contact us for more information on receiving credit if we filed your provisional patent application.      

DESIGN PATENT      $2000.00
*Government Fees:
      Micro-Entity: $240.00     Small-Entity   $480.00      


Trademark Search - Standard                     $750.00
Trademark Search - Economy                     $400.00

Clearance Search                                       $1200.00

Our Fees to prepare and file:

Intent to Use (not yet using the mark in interstate commerce):

Text only:                             $250.00
Graphic (logo)                     $300.00

In Use (already using the mark in interstate commerce):

Text only:                           $400.00
 Graphic (logo)                  $450.00

Trademark Government Fees

TEAS Plus electronic filing         $225.00 (per class)
TEAS RF electronic filing             $275.00 (per class)
TAES electronic filing                  $325.00 (per class)

Our Fees to prepare and file                      $300.00       
*Government Filing Fees:                                  $35.00      

*All Government Filing Fees are set by the USPTO and are subject to change.  Your government filing fee will be the charge set by the USPTO at the time of filing. Large entity fees are approximately double the small entity fees. Micro-Entity fees require meeting certain criteria including your income.  If you are interested in this status, please discuss it with us to see if you qualify.